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RSPS- GodlyPkz
« on: August 29, 2011, 05:08:23 am »
  Advertise.png GodlyPkz
Added by GodlyPkz Welcome to the GodlyPkz Wiki
GodlyPkzAdded by GodlyPkzWelcome to GodlyPkz Beta Stage RSPS

GodlyPkz is really Different From other Servers,
You may/would ask,

'HOW? And what do u mean?'
  • This server is 100% a Beta Stage in which u can SPAWN any item you want.
  • We got STAFF spots opened for Active players at forums and in-game
  • We got Special items: NEX droppable gear(Torva, Pernix, Virtus) all 100% free and spawnable
  • Server running: 24/7
  • Server loading: 317/634
Items Features:
  • 100% Special attack of korasi
  • 100% working Torva, Pernix, Virtus (with their Bonus stats)
  • All Chaotics Works 100%
  • First server ever, that have DIVINE 100% working.
  • Fully working: Morrigians', Statius, Vesta, All spirit shields, DFS, all Godswords, all god armours Example: Bandos, Ancient, zamorak... (Robes (mage armour), Melee armour and range armour)
Server Featuring:
  • 100% Hiscores at home page /on the main website www.godlypkz.hiscores.html
  • 100% working ::master, (gives all your SKILLS 99= with total level 2277) Note: All skills are also working, So if u really like skilling you can legitly Get them.
  • 100% Working Skills, (ALL)
  • Dungeoneering Minigame is under construction.
  • Our Staff are responsible, and They always listen to your voice, 'Silly or Stuffy'.
  • We got commands RARELY found on other servers:
  helpme (PUT REASON, WHY U NEED HELP) *All Staff that are online will listen this and redirect by Teleporting you to them. codes (Redirect you to automatically) yell (Works for all Players, But donators got features in which they can edit there yell TAG, ::yelltag , and there yell color appearance)   
  • Our community Splits ur kills count into 2, ::kdr and something called GPZ
  kdr , every time you kill somebody u get a kill by 1/0 aand if u die u get 0/1 death, and 100% working ratio.  GPZ, The one used to get the Prayer Ancient Curses When u kill a person u recieve 2 GPZ, and if u die u Don't loose any of your GPZ, and when u reach 400 GPZ you can get curses, and within that u DON'T loose any of your GPZ so u can restore to Old prayer book anytime!

  • Our owner are really flexible with updates, daily updates with new Stuff, We always give free Donator status /PREMIUM OR EXTREME for mostly Player(s) admited with advertising our server,note: we reached 63 players 7 times(Edit reached 103 now), and we have promoted 4 Donator Status (3 premium and 1 extreme)
Main website: (Remember to register to make ur forum name alternate to ur in-game name)
direct link to the server: or to our Desktop Client download at :
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Re: RSPS- GodlyPkz
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2011, 11:47:08 pm »
Nice job. i will support the server if it even will be online i got many rsps servers downloaded into my computer and i can call lots of people just 1 thing... server must be online guys...

Thanks for reading!